We at HAZE Agency believe that cannabis products have had a poor reputation and have an inherent “stoner-stigma” which is unfair. We believe that cannabis users are everyday people: moms, dads, teachers, business professionals and more. We believe that cannabis needs to be promoted in a way that is accessible to those people without feeling stigmatized. Here in 2018 when widespread legalization is around the corner we want to help people feel good about the personal choice that they make to use cannabis products.

This is where branding comes in. We are here to help promote your products in ways that are appropriate for your target customers. There are many challenges in doing this including reversing assumptions of who the average cannabis user is, following individual state guidelines and legislation of the marketing of cannabis products and businesses, ensuring that the marketing of cannabis products is not targeting minors or promoting the use of cannabis products by underage individuals, promoting the responsible use of cannabis products.

Branding isn’t just a cool logo, branding is about the feeling of trust that people get when seeing your products. It’s our job to help promote your business and grow your brand as a trusted leader in your industry. Everything you do must be cohesive, with purpose and intent to show your business can be trusted.

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