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Digital Marketing

If your customers can’t find you, you don’t exist! Isn’t that a scary thought? It’s true, think about how you find a new restaurant, a new supplier, a new anything! You do a search and BAM! Our world is results driven with an extreme sense of immediacy. We’ll help you tell the world who you are and why they should choose you!

Web Development

We are PROVEN leaders in the Web Design and Development Industry. Before HAZE Agency we lived in the corporate web development world. Maintaining the web presence for global scale corporations we know we have the chops to get the job done right. Web development is maintaining a living entity that grows alongside your business. It’s collecting and utilizing real data to drive engagement and converting visitors to lifetime customers.


Branding isn’t just a cool logo, branding is about the feeling of trust that people get when seeing your products. It’s our job to help promote your business and grow your brand as a trusted leader in your industry. Everything you do must be cohesive, with purpose and intent to show your business can be trusted.

To learn more about how HAZE Agency can help your business grow it’s brand get in touch with us today and we’ll provide you with a free review of your brand and the public’s perception of your brand and steps you can take TODAY to improve that perception.

Packaging Design

When your releasing new products you need them to look their best. In the legal cannabis market your image can go a long way to making people feel comfortable buying your products. We do extensive market testing when selecting the right mix of packaging and branding your products.

We utilize some of the most innovative packaging manufacturers around. We’re ready to help you achieve the look needed to stay competitive while providing packaging that will maintain your product’s quality. We can quickly adapt to new legislation on product packaging and labeling to ensure your products stay on shelves and in your customer’s hands.

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