About Us

HAZE AGENCY was founded on the concept of doing what we love while supporting a something we believe in. We only live once so why not do what we love while promoting something we love?

The legalization of cannabis has been long overdue and to be a huge part of the growth and acceptance of the cannabis industry is something we are very proud of.

So let’s be buds and get things started!


Our experience stems from the healthcare industry marketing world. We have built an online presence for multiple global corporations and we’re damn good at it. From web design to social media we’ve done it all. So why leave it? It’s not what we believe in, we want to see the budding businesses of the cannabis world succeed.

We’re here because we want YOU to succeed.

We understand the needs and concerns of your customers. By promoting knowledge and understanding we gain acceptance. Acceptance is the path to widespread legalization and it’s so important for the businesses starting today to have a strong digital presence before that happens. Why? Because that opens the door for everyone and having a reputable brand before that door is opened will establish your business as an industry leader! As an industry leader people will look to your business, your brand as pioneers. We’re here to ensure you stand out in a market that will become saturated overnight.

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