Full Service Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

HAZE AGENCY is a full service marketing agency focused on the legal cannabis industry. This is an exciting time in our country’s history and one of the largest growth industries. As more and more states legalize recreational cannabis products the rush to be the next big company starts. There are many new laws and regulations that vary state by state and change frequently as states encounter new products and decide how to handle the marketing, advertising and even packaging of these products. Companies that aren’t prepared for these regulations face fines, loss of sales and potential shut down of their business. Our job is to grow your business while helping you navigate the complex world of legal cannabis marketing.


We’re focused on smaller businesses

We’re a small business and we support and believe in the power of small business. This industry should not fall to giant corporations, this is and should be a craft industry. Just like fine wines and artisan foods we believe that the best products come from those who have their heart in the game.

We help your customers find you and help you deliver your message to the world


Websites are a must in today’s market and there are all types of sites out there. We can help make this easier with setup services to highly customized websites. From basic to out of this world our services are world class and without compromise.

Showcasing your business with stunning, data driven websites that provide insights into your customers wants and needs


Branding isn’t just about a logo, it’s about how your business makes people feel!


Creating packaging designs that help your business build brand value in innovative, impactful and exciting ways

Cannabis Marketing Serving the Northeastern United States

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